Soul M.A.P.S are one of a kind personal Hip Hop Healing songs that amplify the power of your sub conscious mind to attract what it is you want to manifest and create in your life.

Each song can take up to 1-3 days to create and includes a 1 on 1 Intuitive Session with Dove and an in depth analysis of your vedic birth chart by astrologer Sharu.  Everything gained from the sessions will be utilized in the Manifestation Affirmation Prayer Song.  

Once you order your Soul M.A.P Song ​you will first receive a questionnaire to fill out with your personal information and to answer questions regarding what it is you are wanting to utilize your song for.  


The cost of one Soul M.A.P Song is $1,111 which is also includes a 1 on 1 Session with Dove and an in depth Vedic chart analysis by Sharu.

To add a crystal synergy ankh is an additional $777

10% of Each Soul M.A.P Song proceeds goes to children in need

To order your Soul M.A.P Song please first fill out this form and you will get a response back within 12-24 Hrs. 

Thank you from Hip Hop Medicine !